Sequoia Groves
According to Dwight Willard (author of "Guide to the Sequoia Groves of California"),
there are 67 sequoia groves.

Sequoia NF and the Giant Sequoia National Monument contain all or part of 38.

18 are entirely within Sequoia & Kings Canyon NPs.

3 are in Yosemite National Park (Tuolumne, Merced, and Mariposa Groves).

2 are in Calaveras State Park (North and South Calaveras Groves).

2 are in the Sierra National Forest (Nelder and McKinley Groves).

One is on the Tahoe National Forest (Placer County Grove)

One is on BLM land (Case Mountain Grove).

One is entirely within the Tule River Indian Reservation (Parker Peak Grove).

One is partly in Balch County Park (Mountain Home Grove).

Sometimes you see different answers for the total number of groves.  Some people
split the McIntyre grove into 3 groves, the McIntyre, Wheel Meadow, and Belknap
Groves.  Likewise the Mountain Home Grove is sometimes split into 3, the Mountain
Home, Middle Tule, and Upper Tule Groves.  These differences account for the

Here are the groves I've been to, 29 of them!  (Listed north to south)

North & South Calaveras Groves - Calaveras Big Trees State Park
Tuolumne Grove - Yosemite NP
Mariposa Grove - Yosemite NP
Converse Basin - Sequoia NF
Indian Basin - Sequoia NF
Kennedy Grove - Sequoia NF
Bearskin Grove - Sequoia NF
Big Stump Grove - Sequoia NF and Kings Canyon NP
Grant Grove - Sequoia NF and Kings Canyon NP
Redwood Mountain Grove - Sequoia NF and Kings Canyon NP
Lost Grove - Sequoia NP
Muir Grove - Sequoia NP
Giant Forest - Sequoia NP
Redwood Meadow Grove - Sequoia NP
Atwell-East Fork Grove - Sequoia NP
Garfield-Dillonwood Grove - Sequoia NP and Sequoia NF
Mountain Home Grove - Sequoia NF, Mountain Home SF, Balch County Park
Wishon Grove - Sequoia NF
Alder Creek Grove - Sequoia NF, private
Freeman Creek Grove - Sequoia NF
McIntyre Grove - Sequoia NF
Black Mountain Grove - Sequoia NF, Tule River Indian Reservation
Red Hill Grove - Sequoia NF
Long Meadow Grove - Sequoia NF
Cunningham Grove - Sequoia NF
Packsaddle Grove - Sequoia NF
Starvation Creek Grove - Sequoia NF
Deer Creek Grove - Sequoia NF

Groves that are high on my list (let me know if you'd like to go
explore them with me!)

Placer County Grove (northernmost grove) - Tahoe NF
Merced Grove - Yosemite NP
Nelder Grove - Sierra NF
McKinley Grove - Sierra NF
Suwanee Grove - Sequoia NP
Skagway Grove - Sequoia NP
Evans Grove - Sequoia NF
Boulder Creek & Little Boulder Creek Groves - Sequoia NF
Case Mountain Grove - BLM near Sequoia NP

Southern Sequoia Groves
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