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A kitten was hanging around work one fall morning back in 2003.  She was meowing and
wanting to go through the door with everyone who came in so I went outside to take a look
at her.   She's completely black, velvety, and very mellow; she started purring the moment
I picked her up.  She was also a little banged up; her nose was raw and there was a cut by
her eye and ear.  I figured she'd been in a fight and had probably been dumped.  But she was
pretty plump and healthy looking otherwise, so I called my vet to get her an appointment.  I
wanted to make sure she was healthy; I didn't want to bring an unhealthy kitten home to
meet my very healthy and boisterous cat I already own.

She's healthy declared the vet, and she probably sustained her injuries not from a fight
with another cat, because they're more abrasions than cuts, but by either 1) being thrown
from a moving vehicle or 2) being hit by a moving vehicle.

So I brought her home, got her all patched up and purring again, and decided to name her
Hailey :)
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Sam and Hailey watch for birdies
Sam and Hailey snoozin
I think she likes to have
her picture taken :)
Oh no, here comes mom with the camera again!
Sheesch, can't you see we're trying to sleep here?
Mom holds Hailey
Hailey is apparently fascinated by Joe sleeping
In her favorite spot, soaking up the sunshine :)
It's hard work being a cat!