My third camping trip - I'm
becoming quite a pro!

August 13-14, 2012
Grandma, Grandpa, Abbey the dog, Mom and I went camping up in the mountains.  
It was cooler up there and there were lots of trees which are my favorite things
to look at.  When we first got to Big Bear Lake it was raining!  And then we heard
loud noises - Grandma cuddled me tight and told me it was just thunder.  I had
fun watching it rain.  In between showers Grandpa and Mom put up the big tent.  
Then the rain let up and the sun came out!  The forest was nice and clean and
smelled good.  Mom showed me what bark was.  She also gave me a rock and a
manzanita twig to hold.  Grandma told me not to eat any of it. Then I discovered
my shadow when Grandma was holding me - that was the coolest thing ever.  Well,
until Mom and Grandpa took me over to the big rocks and let me climb on them.  
Then Mommy took me for a stroller ride and I fell asleep.  Next thing I know
everyone was eating but me!  Finally Grandma made me some cereal and sweet
potatos which was yummy.  Then Grandpa got out an old lantern and we watched it
get dark.  Then Mommy and I crawled into a small tent to go to sleep while
Grandma, Grandpa, and Abbey got the big one.  I'm not used to sleeping on a
sleeping bag and it makes a funny sound under my fingers.  I only woke up once
and that was because there was a strange noise - Mommy said it was coyotes and
to go back to sleep.  Next thing I know she's waking me up and taking me out of
the tent.  And Grandma held me while Mommy made everyone breakfast.  Yummy
- more cereal, this time with pears!  Then I got to go on another stroller ride
which put me to sleep again.  When I woke up everyone was busy packing up.  Then
we went on a ride on a bumpy dirt road, turned around, and headed back to the
lake.  At the lake I walked with Mommy down to the water - I love water!  She
let me feel it, stick my toes in it, and sit in it :)  That was the bestest thing
ever.  But then I had to get changed into dry clothes and then we headed home.  I
had a lot of fun - this camping thing is pretty cool if you ask me...
And Mommy takes lots of photos, you know, so there are more here :)

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