Alpine Pedal Path & Hanna Flat

July 13-14, 2015
T and I biked the Alpine Pedal Path last week.  This is a beautiful
paved bikeway along the north shore of Big Bear Lake.  He's getting
used to his "big boy bike" and did really well pedaling, and perhaps
more importantly, braking :)  Afterwards we went to Hanna Flat
Campground where we of course had to take his picture on the
granite boulder that keeps on shrinking!  The next day we took a
hike at Grout Bay then met Grandma.  We went to breakfast,
explored Boulder Bay, then drove to the Eye of God and Holcomb
Valley.  Hope you enjoy the pics!
My little flower photographer :)
At the Bellville Cabin in Holcomb Valley

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Hanna Flat 2012
Hanna Flat 2013
Hanna Flat 2014

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Poor kid took a tumble and got all dirty :(
The Eye of God is a huge white quartz outcropping
Doble Mine above Baldwin Lake