Did I ever tell you about the time I went hiking with a mule deer in the Redwood Mountain
Grove in Kings Canyon National Park?  I was just minding my own business moseying down
the Hart Tree Loop Trail and suddenly I saw a doe in front of me.  She seemed kind of
curious at first, then just continued along the trail in front of me at a relaxed pace.  Now
and then she would push her nose into the ground and turn up a mushroom to eat.  In the
end I ended up hiking behind her for about two miles!

Most consider this grove to be the largest grove of giant sequoias.  It is beautiful and not
too many people know about it.  The Hart Tree Loop Trail is about 6 miles or so and along
the way you go past the Hart Tree, the 25th largest tree in the world, and its twin the
False Hart Tree, #22.  I hope to go back and do the other main loop trail out to the Sugar
Bowl Group someday...
Hart Tree Loop Trail
Redwood Mountain Grove
Kings Canyon National Park, CA
August 28, 1999
Update!  I hiked the Sugar Bowl Loop :)
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