Hellhole Canyon

Anza-Borrego Desert State Park
March 5-6, 2011
Albert, Cris, Nick and I did an overnight backpack trip to a beautiful desert oasis
this weekend.  It was the perfect timing for wildflowers and waterfalls in Hellhole
Canyon :)  Also saw a ton of wildlife - birds, bats, bees, butterflies, lizards, frogs,
squirrels, and jack rabbits.  We only hiked in about 2.5 miles before finding a great
campsite among huge boulders above the creek.  But that 2.5 miles took us a long
time because there were so many beautiful things to photograph, including over 30
species of wildflowers!  Then we rock scrambled further without our big packs up
to Maidenhair Falls.  The weather was warm and the water delightfully cold!  
Anyway, I had a wonderful time...  Here are some photos!
Black-throated Sparrow sings us a tune

My short video of Maidenhair Falls
video of the 10' watefall below Maidenhair
video of Albert sliding down a rock :)
Nick's photos
Cris' photos

Anza-Borrego February 2011
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Desert Lavender
Pygmy Poppies, above
Desert poppy, below
Desert Chicory
Bigelow monkeyflowers
Arizona lupine
Fishhook cactus
Barrel cactus
Canterbury Bell
Desert Mallow
Native American mortero
Frog hopped on Nick's shoulder
Cris makes breakfast
sunrise from my tent
Nick and Albert were wearing down jackets but had bare feet, lol
Albert brought a whole box of chocolates!
Jack?  or Jill?
Stream orchid...  in the desert!