Jeepin 6

Hwy 173
January 17, 2011
Mom, Dad, Abbey, Todd and I took out the Jeeps for a spin on the Monday holiday.  We met
and had breakfast at the Summit Inn on Old Route 66 at the top of Cajon Pass, then took
Forest Road 3N45 down to Hwy 138.  We went east to Hwy 173 and then kept on going to
where the pavement ends, but the road continues.  This is California's only unpaved State
Highway.  It is very narrow, steep, and rutted after recent rains and snowmelt but if you
go prepared with high clearance and 4wd you will be rewarded with stunning views.  At the
top we admired the beautiful Pinnacles area then made our way south through the upscale
community of Grass Valley, and I showed them the spot where you have a good view of the
damage of the Grass Valley Fire of 2007.  Then we made our way down Hwy 18, taking the
old road, Old Waterman Canyon Road, for the last little bit.  Hope you enjoy my photos :)
Jeepin 1 - Cajon Mountain
Jeepin 2 - Baldy Mesa
Jeepin 3 - Cleghorn Mountain
Jeepin 4 - Blue Ridge
Jeepin 5 - Coldwater and Paiute Canyons
Jeepin 7 - Cougar Buttes

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Looking west towards the San Gabriel Mountains and
Baldy Mesa where we live
Looking north at the Mojave River
Looking east at Deep Creek, reportedly a nice place to
hike (the PCT follows it) and catch fish
An ephemeral waterfall
Awww, we wanted Dad to make a big splash through the puddle, lol
The Pinnacles
A braided tree
Waterman Canyon