Introducing Indie
Todd saw two tortoiseshell kittens at the industrial yard where he
works - and recently the tortoiseshell cat that lived at one of the
ranger stations where I work had disappeared.  So I originally told
Todd to bring both home and we could then bestow them upon the
station...  but one got adopted and I ended up falling in love with the
other and decided to keep her.  We named her "Indie" for where she
came from.  She had some fleas so her first few days meant a
morning bath in Dawn detergent and comb out (flea meds aren't safe
for kittens under 8 weeks old).  She was very well behaved during
her baths and we developed an immediate bond. And after taking her
to the vet, found out she had ear mites.  Then after being spayed we
thought we'd lose her because of kidney failure.  But, she pulled
through.  So, after many days and nights of caring for her, well, she's
all better thank goodness.  And she's totally worth the care Todd and
I have given her.  Her personality is amazing - she's very friendly,
loving, playful and unafraid of everything, except the vacuum.  Sadie
has really taken to mothering her and even Sammy bestows a lick upon
her every now and then.  So, now we're a house of 4 cats!  4?  Yes,
we're crazy.
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cats look so funny when they yawn, lol