Weekend at Lake Isabella

March 30-April 2, 2007
Todd and I drove down to Lake Isabella on Friday afternoon to spend a 3-day
weekend with some of his friends who were camping on the lake for the Annual
Fishing Derby.  Todd bought a brand new fishing pole and only ended up catching 2
fish.  We caught at least a couple of dozen fish within our group, though, including 4
tagged trout - 2 @ $20 and 2 @ $100.  I didn't fish, but instead read a book, took
a few walks, and did my best to stay out of the wind which was something fierce in
the afternoons! (that is why the lake is very popular with windsurfers).  At night we
all sat around a big campfire and talked.
Todd's friend Mike and his dog Chance who loves to fish :)
Peter and Dave were catching the most fish
Peter, Mike, and Mike's Dad Bob
Bob and his wife Aileen
Dave and his $100 tagged trout
Me and Mike's Wife Rhonda
Rhonda's Daughter Angela and a friend
Who says you can't have a couch on the beach?
Mike and Todd
The last light of day over Split Mountain
The moon rises over Cook Peak