Hike to Jenks Lake

September 4, 2013
My friend Sonya, my son Little T, and I hiked to Jenks Lake in the San
Bernardino National Forest on the Wednesday after Labor Day.  We had
the trail to ourselves, as you can imagine.  I never go out on the holiday
weekends - the crowds can have the woods!

You can also drive to Jenks Lake, but what fun is that?  It's a pleasant 3
mile round-trip hike from the Barton Flats Visitor Center.  With my kid
getting taller and heavier that's about all I can do with him on my back
now!  Good thing he's becoming a good little hiker himself :)

There was a 30% chance of rain and it sprinkled on us while we were at the
lake a couple of times.  Once we took shelter underneath a kayak, but just
for the fun of it, as it was a warm rain.  In fact at one point one side of the
lake was sunny and blue sky, the other was gray and ominous. The clouds
were awesome!  While we were there we talked to some ducks, admired
the early fall colors, played in the water, ate a snack, and hiked 'round the

After hearing some loud thunder we decided to pack up and head back
down.  Sure enough, it started to pour as soon as we got back on the trail,
but Little T stayed dry in his pack under the canopy (he actually slept all
the way back).  Mommy got wet, but it felt great!  Much better than the
heat we've had down lately in the valley and desert.  Anywho we all enjoyed
ourselves immensely.
More photos here!


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photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya