Joshua Tree National Park

January 27-28, 2014
My friend Sonya and I spent a couple of days out in Joshua Tree
NP this week.  On Monday we hiked the Hidden Valley Trail with
my almost two-year-old son.  This was also the
first trail I ever
took him on, when he was 3 weeks old :)  Now he can hike it
himself!  He had a great time, especially playing in the sand.  I
think he thinks the entire desert is his personal sand box, lol
Have you hugged a rock today?
In the morning we did some rock climbing and exploring near Arch Rock
We then made our way towards White Tank Campground and had a nice
relaxing evening, ate dinner and made s'mores, and watched a beautiful
sunset and sunrise complemented by the crescent moon and Venus.
Tuesday Sonya headed home but T and I went towards Black Rock and
stopped at a nearby park which looked very familiar to me...  It dawned
on me that I'd been here before, after a backpacking trip, 9 years
ago.  Heredoggy and I got a bit lost on our trek up to Eureka Peak and
ended up hiking down a wash which ended near this playground.  We
swung on the swings, and so did my pack, lol  (see last pic on this page)

Anyway, I think my kid had more fun on the swing then my pack did :p
Heart Rock
We saw one lonely flower - Canterbury Bells
Cyclops Rock
This Joshua Tree thinks it is a palm tree - It is one of the
tallest in the park
Mt San Jacinto from Key's View - this mountain has one of
the greatest reliefs of any in the Lower 48, 10,000'+ from
the valley to the top
The Salton Sea in the distance
After playing and eating lunch, we then hiked the High View
Nature Trail which has fantastic views of Mt. San Gorgonio,
the highest peak in So Cal.
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya
photo by Sonya