49 Palms Hike with my Family

Barker Dam, too
January 8-9, 2011
My sister Kristine and Brother-in-law Joe rented a bungalow out in the town of
Joshua Tree for the week, and for the weekend Todd and I, Mom and Dad, Aunt
Shirley and Cherise, and Kristine's HS friend Garrett joined them.  On Saturday I
took everyone on a hike out to 49 Palms Oasis.  Afterwards we all gathered at the
bungalow and had a yummy Mexican feast!  On Sunday Mom, Dad, Kristine, and I went
into the main part of the park and explored the area near Hidden Valley and hiked
the Barker Dam Trail.  We had a lot of fun :)
Everyone gathers at the 49 Palms Oasis Trailhead
Kristine's antennae, lol
Aunt Shirley and Todd hiking down the trail
Aunt Shirley holds up the rock so we can safely pass by
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Now Todd gets to hold up the rock
Mom and Dad relaxing at the bungalow
Cherise playing with Connor
Shirley cooking in the kitchen
Garrett and Cherise make flan and funny faces
Faces in the rocks
Barker Lake
This looks like a loaf of bread being sliced
Nerds, lol
This has got to be one of the largest Joshua Trees
in the park!