Joshua Tree

October 2012
I took my son out to Joshua Tree NP for two nights.  Grandma and Grandpa came
with us the first day where we took a detour and visited the Big Morongo Canyon
Preserve - a gorgeous chunk of riparian habitat between the San Gorgonio
Wilderness and the park.  There we had a picnic lunch then hiked the Marsh Trail.  
Then while Grandma and Grandpa headed home Little T and I headed towards the
park.  We car camped two nights and dayhiked a couple of trails I hadn't done
before - the Skull Rock Loop and the Wall Street Mill Trail.  We also explored
Jumbo Rocks Campground both evening and morning and stopped at the Visitor
Center and walked around the Oasis of Mara.  We saw few people but a lot of
wildlife - tons of cottontails, jackrabbits, lizards, chipmunks, antelope ground
squirrels, quail, a road runner, and we heard coyotes howling at the full moon :)   
It was warm during the day and a little chilly but not too bad at night.  This is a
good time of year to go - before it gets too blustery at night.
Stroller garage?
We passed these guys on the way home

More pics here!

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This rock was a little tricky getting by with the baby pack
Wall Street Mill
You can celebrate Halloween in a campground!