Keller Peak Lookout and the
Children's Forest

August 17, 2008
On Sunday afternoon Todd and I took a short drive up into the forest
and visited the Keller Peak Lookout and the Children's Forest Visitor
Center and Intepretive Trail.  The lookout is the oldest remaining fire
lookout on the San Bernardino National Forest, is staffed by friendly
volunteers, and the views are amazing.  It was pleasantly cool up there
compared to the heat down in the valley and we had a good time.  The
3/4 mile interpretive trail through the children's forest made for a nice
afternoon stroll.  The trail is a "hands-on nature experience designed by
and for kids." The Children’s Forest Visitor Information Center is
staffed by youth volunteers and they have hands-on exhibits and maps,
books, and trinkets for sale.  Also along the Keller Peak Road are some
fantastic dispersed camping sites with cool rock formations and the 4.5
mile Exploration Trail.  Someday we'll have to go back and explore more
(Update - I hiked the Exploration Trail finally!)
High altitude hummingbirds :)
Cute lookout pillow
What the lookout stands on if there's a lightning storm!
The view north towards Butler Peak which also has a fire lookout
The view west towards Cucamonga Peak and Mt. Baldy
The view southeast towards San Bernardino Peak and the other
peaks along 10,000 foot ridge in the San Gorgonio Wilderness
Scenes along the Children's Forest Interpretive Trail