Took my Kid to see the Big Trees

November 9-11, 2013
The fallen twin tree - what it looked like before below
My husband and I took my kid to see my sequoias last weekend.  Nick
came along for the fun.  On the way up we stopped for lunch at the Kern
River Audubon Preserve.  This is an absolutely gorgeous place to go when
the fall colors are in full swing!  The preserve is situated in one of
California's finest riparian forests.  We then made our way to Tillie
Creek Campground near Lake Isabella and the first night enjoyed a
roaring fire and camp tacos with our good friends Brian and Patty and
their son Blake.  I was expecting cold temps but it was actually a mild
weekend just cold enough for a sweatshirt and beanie :)  I was surprised
just a few people were taking advantage of such a nice three-day

On Sunday we made our way up the Kern River and then over to the Trail
of 100 Giants - some of my old stomping grounds.  We spent several
hours hiking and exploring the area...  which had changed in one big way.  
I'd heard a tree fell - turns out it was a huge double-tree that used to
be my example of a leaner when I did interpretive walks on the trail.  
("How do giant sequoias die?  Most of the time by falling over.")  But
turns out the tree isn't quite dead yet as we saw several small green
limbs.  Nick and I climbed all over the tree, as did a bunch of other
people there.  But we also found that you could crawl through it.  It was a
bit eerie in the tight dark space and we had to go hands-and-knees over
the footbridge the tree crushed...  a bridge I'd probably walked across
50 times in the past.  We thought for a second, had the tree settled
completely or would we be crushed?  Oh, well, death by sequoia would
probably be fitting :p

Anyway we obviously survived and had a lot of fun... as well as immense
joy seeing my young son discover the big trees.  He liked going inside
them, petting and smelling the baby sequoias we found, waving big sticks
around, laughing at other people hiking the trail, and picking up "prettily
leaves" and "big rocks" :)
photo by Nick
photo by Nick
photo by Nick
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photo by Nick
photo by Nick
photo by Nick
I photographed his Daddy sitting under this same tree 7 years ago :)