Las Vegas, NV
On day sixteen we drove west to San Luis on Route 2.  This has got to be the scariest road
in existence!  It is only two lanes but is heavily traveled.  And the lanes are not very wide
and there is no shoulder.  There are virtually no signs or pull-offs and cars and trucks pass
you when they really shouldn't and we were all very glad to get off that road!

We went to where the Colorado River enters Mexico.  Only a trickle flowed across the
border.  People like Aldo Leopold wrote about how wonderful the Colorado River Delta once
was.  Now the US effectively drains the river before it enters Mexico.

We then drove north to Las Vegas.  We stayed in a very shady hotel.  Our room smelled like
rotten vegetables, the beds sagged nearly to the floor, there were tacky curtains and torn
carpets, and the only channels the TV's received were porn.  Everyone but me thought this
was great.  I would've much rather stayed at Red Rock Canyon State Park which was our
original plan!
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