Teaching Leave No Trace

March 2009
LNT Class Participants get in touch with their animal side to learn
about respecting wildlife

Our wilderness Ranger Sharon and I co-taught a Leave No Trace Trainer Course last
weekend.  It was our first class we taught after each taking the Master Educator
Course in Yosemite back in 2006.  Sharon and I met on that trip and who knew we would
soon be working together?  We get along well and have similar ideas thus the course
went well...  And it was a lot of fun!  We all camped out at the ranger station and also
went hiking in the nearby Crafton Hills and also took a drive up to Morton Peak and took
in its fantastic views.  The audience was mostly San Gorgonio Wilderness Association
Volunteers along with one Boy Scout Leader.  Now these folks can take what they
learned and in turn educate the public and spread the message of wilderness ethics and
minimum impact skillls :)
Learning to Teach LNT
Another Hike in the Crafton Hills
Fire Lookouts
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Jim takes us on a nature walk as part of his lesson
Ian teaches us how to have build a responsible campfire
Kim teaches us how to be considerate of others
Paul took us for a hike in the Crafton Hills
He's on the board for the
Crafton Hills Open Space Conservancy
Morton Peak with its fire lookout is in the background
Morton Peak Fire Lookout, you can rent it and stay in it for a night!
Maryann is a lookout volunteer and she showed us how to use the fire finder
What a fantastic view up the Mill Creek Canyon!
That's Mill Creek Ranger Station way down there