Lone Pine

(and a side trip to Death Valley)
October 12-14, 2013
We joined my parents at Diaz Lake Campground for a few days of
camping, good eating, and hanging out for the Lone Pine Film
Festival.  Kristine and Joe and Joe's Mom Joan were also in town
so we had a lot of fun - despite the government shutdown.
Aunt Kristine and Uncle Joe bought me a cool airplane!
We watched the Lone Pine Film Festival Parade - Little T had fun
running after the candy that was thrown by some of the participants
We celebrated Dad's birthday, a couple days late
100 mules are going to be led from the Owen's Valley to Los Angeles
for the 100th Anniversary of the LA Aqueduct
The world's first solar-powered mule, lol
The campground we were going to stay at was closed due to the
Government Shutdown - but we took a drive up there to look around
Mt. Whitney as seen from Lone Pine Campground
Mt. Whitney as seen from Diaz Lake Campground
The deer don't care about the shutdown
Scenes around Whitney Portal
We hiked to Mobius Arch in the Alabama Hills on Monday
We decided to take a slight detour through Panamint
Springs on the way home...

It turned into a long detour to Furnace Creek when we
realized Hwy 178 was closed due to a washout!
The state highways through Death Valley, the largest
National Park in the Lower 48, were open.  And the locals
couldn't care less about the government shutdown
The parking lot for Zabriskie Point was open, and so were the toilets!  
The sign on the door cited health and safety reasons. So we stopped and
took the short but steep walk to see the view at sunset
More photos here!


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