Lost Canyon
March 2001
In the spring of 2001 Andrew and I
spent a week in southern Utah.  We
went to Goblin Valley State Park
and explored the San Rafael Reef
area.  Then we headed over to the
Needles District of Canyonlands
National Park and decided to do an
overnight trip.  Because this was a
spontaneous decision, we didn't have
backcountry reservations and our
choices were limited.  I originally
thought I'd like to take Andrew
back to Chesler Park, a place I'd
been before, but the campsites
were full there.  So we chose to go
to Lost Canyon and we were not
disappointed!  Lost Canyon is a
beautiful, remote part of the park,
and only three campsites are back
there.  Our campsite was LC-2 which
is a great spot next to a very large
boulder.  There was even water in
the canyon near our campsite so we
had no problems there.  Often while
backpacking in southern Utah you
need to bring all your water with you
because water sources are
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Our Campsite
Grass catching the light
Little pinyon catching the light
Cedar Mesa Sandstone forms the canyon walls
In the morning we looped back to
Squaw Flat Campground.  This trail
is challenging in spots; in a few areas
you have to climb up boulders using
both of your hands and there are
some very steep but short sections.
Is this Andrew or did I find Everett Ruess?