Lost Horse Mine Loop

November 20-21, 2010
Nick and I did an overnight backpacking trip this weekend - a ten mile loop around
Lost Horse Mountain in Joshua Tree National Park starting at the Juniper Flat
Backcountry Board.  Along this route are a few old mines and cabin ruins including a
lot of relics at Lost Horse Mine, a neat old stone chimney near the Optomist Mine,
and a Joshua Tree Log Cabin located up a side wash.  It was windy which made it cold
so we were pretty bundled up out there.  There was a 20% chance of rain and we had
a few drops fall on our hike, but it thankfully held off as we hiked, ate lunch, found a
place to camp in a less windy canyon, set up our tents, and ate dinner.  It did rain at
night but that was okay because we were snug in our tents.  And I love the sound of
raindrops on a tent while falling asleep, and also the smell of rain in the desert is
heavenly :)  It was sunny when we awoke in the morning so everything dried before
getting packed up.  There were tremendous views along our route including new snow
that had fallen on San Gorgonio visible on our way out.  We also happened upon Johnny
Lang's grave which was a treat.  We didn't find his gold, though, which legend says is
still out there somewhere...  Anyway, we had a good time, and with this trip being my
10th this year I set a new record for number of backpacking trips in one year :D
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I think this rock looked like a pregnant lady
Lost Horse Mine
Nick flies his tent fly
Lang Mine
Old chimney near Optomist Mine
Vase of flowers on the mantle
Nick's thinking he should have slept here last night
Nick and the Three Amigos
Remains of a Joshua Tree log cabin
Self-portrait - my cheeks are pink from the cold wind!
Johnny Lang's grave
I liked the white stripe on the mountain