Maupin, Oregon
On the first day of the trip, January 4, we drove from McMinnville, Oregon to Portland to
pick up my professor, Dave.  Then we headed out Interstate 84 which parallels the Columbia
River.  We stopped at the Bonneville Dam and studied its fish hatchery and fish ladder
"Visited the fish hatchery there first.  Mass-produced Chinook salmon, someone commented
that it looked like the Tillamook Cheese Factory inside where they slit choice female salmon
and rob them of their eggs.  The egss are then combined with milt (sperm squeezed from
the males).  With the obvious low diversity that results, you have to wonder if we are really
helping these fish?  It's a sort of forced genetic drift done by humans, isolating these fish
from healthy salmon, which have alleles that can adapt.  Do the mass-produced salmon have
any chance for natural selection?  Let alone the troubles they have trying to make their way
up the Columbia River, or should I say, Columbia Lake?"
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