Sand Dunes, Lava Tubes,
and Petroglyphs

Mojave National Preserve
November 10-11, 2007
This weekend Todd and I joined a bunch of folks from the So Cal Hikers Group for a
car camping/day hiking trip out at Mojave National Preserve.  Many of these people I'd
known for years online but had never met in person so it was good to finally meet
everyone!  On Saturday Todd and I left at 8:00 and got out there at 10:30 - not a bad
drive at all.  We set up camp near Kelso Dunes then I took Todd to some petroglyphs
near the lava flow on the Kelbaker Road that Jeffrey and I found last year.  Saturday
night we had a great potluck dinner with everyone.  Especially wonderful were Ron's
fajitas and Kathy's pasta salad :)  We had a good campfire and lots of good conversation
before turning in that night.  On Sunday we took a 4wd road to the lava tubes and then
hiked to a stunning collection of petroglyphs in Cow Cove.  Anyway, I hope you enjoy my
photos :)
View of the dunes from our campsite
Sunset from our campsite
Cinder Cones and Lava Flows
Hiking to the Lava Tubes
There's no way we're going down there!
Here's a better way in, but it's a very
rickety ladder.  Kathy (wingding) goes first.
She makes it down!
Next goes Cindy
Ken (PolarBear), Juliette (Rdlswalker), and I made
it down.  Now here comes Ron (Sierraguy)
Going in the lava tube
Those are the holes we were looking down earlier
Gary tries to climb out but this hole is too small
Wingding, Allison, Steve, Naviguesser, Cindy, Polarbear,
Sierraguy, Todd, Rdlswalker, Gary, Suze, me, and ?
(sorry, I knew I was going to forget someone's name!)
This tarantula wanted nothing to do with us and quickly scurried away
What a beautiful day to explore!
That's Clark Mountain in the distance, it's the
highest peak in the Preserve
Naviguesser just looks too comfortable!
We hiked about 1.5 miles to the cliff in Cow Cove where the
biggest collection of petroglyphs I've ever seen is
Naviguesser spots one
Modern Art
An insect or an alien?
An anchor?
A game?
A herd of sheep
Watch out!  Sheep and Hunter
Easter egg?
Isn't this fun?
A snake, a calculator, and an apple?
petroglyph scribble
Back to Kelso Dunes - you know they're big sand dunes
when you can see them from 20 miles away!