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Mitchell Caverns & Mojave NP

November 14-16, 2008
Todd and I drove out to Mitchell Caverns on Friday, it is part of the Providence Mountains
State Recreation Area in the southern part of Mojave National Preserve.  The caverns are
in a spectacular location located partway up the steep northeastern escarpment of the
Providence Mountains.  The tour is only $5/person and is well-worth the time.  It lasts
about 1.5 hours and you hike about 1.5 miles total.  The caverns are the only limestone
caves in the CA State Park system and contain unique formations such as cave shields and
helictites.  Our cave ranger guide was very funny and entertaining and we really enjoyed
the tour. Todd even got to be a part of it, he was in charge of pointing out some
mushroom-shaped formations.  Thus he was dubbed "Mushroom Boy" lol
Hiking to the cavern
Our ranger tour guide
Todd in front of the Cave Visitor Center
Beautiful views across the desert
The limestone rock in the foreground is what the cave is made of
The cave openings from across the canyon...
looks like a giant nose doesn't it?
Me at the cave entrance, waiting to go in
One last look at the outside world...
I don't think we need sunglasses inside the cave!
Oooooo, pretty!
Those stalactites that are going diagonally are helictites
A broken stalactite is growing again...  drip, drop, drip, drop
Cave Shields defy gravity by growing outward and upward