Mojave National Preserve

February 20, 2006

Hole in the Wall
Hole in the Wall is a place where volcanic rhyolite ash solidified into cliffs that have
eroded into fantastic shapes including, you guessed it, holes.  We took the Rings Trail
down through a steep canyon.  This trail is so named because there are metal rings that
serve as hand and toe holds as you descend into the very narrow canyon.  But I think the
rings were placed by a tall person as they didn’t seem to be quite the right distance
away from one another to make for an easy descent for me!  I managed to make it down,
though.  At the bottom is an amphitheatre of some of the most fantastically shaped rocks
that I have ever seen…

On the other side of Hole in the Wall there is a butte which we decided to climb.  Jeffry
made it to the top by a tough scramble while I decided most of the way up was good for
me.  After coming down we hiked north a ways but decided it was going to be real tough to
get over the rhyolite cliffs.  So we went back to the Rings Trail and went through that
way.  Just before getting to the canyon where the rings are we saw and heard two
raptors seeming to have a territorial dispute flying high near the top of the cliffs.  They
didn’t look or sound like hawks; perhaps they were prairie falcons or merlins?

Back at the trailhead we decided to go by the visitor center there.  We talked to a
ranger there about the raptors we saw but she didn’t know what they were.  We also
told her of the petroglyphs we had seen at the lava flow and she told us where to find
more nearbythat were estimated to be about 12,000 years old!  We hiked the short
distance to see them and then returned to the truck.  By then it was about 2:00 p.m. so
we started the long drive home.

We stopped in Newberry Springs to pick up my wallet.  Many thanks to the nice person
who turned it in; everything was intact!  Then we drove on west to Barstow then Mojave.  
In Mojave we stopped again at Jerry’s diner for some root beer floats then I took
Jeffry back to his car.  He had some trouble opening his car doors and ended up going
through the trunk.  There was a highway patrolman who had just pulled over someone down
the street and we thought he may come over and accuse us of breaking into the car!  But
he must've not seen us and after transferring Jeffry's gear from my truck to his car we
parted ways.

I had a great time!  Jeffry is forever being silly and his antics and sayings and jokes and
songs he’s constantly making up crack me up.  I enjoy hiking with him and I hope to see
him again soon!
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Our campsite in the morning
The infamous rings of the Ring Trail at Hole in the Wall
Doesn't this look like fun??
This is a trail?
This place is weird...
Jeffry's Butte that he climbed to the top of
Finding a route up
He made it!
Jeffry's Butte and Hole in the Wall from the north
Cool barrel cacti
Jeffry at the petroglyph site near Hole in the Wall
Another tortoise?
Bighorn Sheep
Cool lichen