Mountain Home Grove
On Monday, May 10th I drove up to the Mountain Home Grove and spent the day exploring
up there.  It is a magnificent grove, mostly on state forest land, but some of it is on
National Forest land and some is part of Balch County Park.  It is one of the largest groves
and contains many of the top 40 trees and its largest is the Genesis Tree, #8.  It was
foggy up there and I love it when it's like that...  To just sit and watch the mist move
through and swirl around the trees is an incredible experience :)
July 2004 Trip to Mountain Home
October 2005 Trip to Mountain Home
June 2006 Trip to Mountain Home
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This tree has an
interesting cluster of
branches, a ball of
branches really, partway
up the trunk.  Sequoias
are the only conifers that
can regrow branches
below the crown.
The dogwoods were
blooming and were very
profuse and lovely!