Mt. Rainier

July 31 & August 2, 2016
We tried to go to the Sunrise area, but the line of cars
going there was backed up for miles.  So instead we went
toward Chinook Pass and that turned out to be a great
place to explore all day.  Many beautiful little lakes
surrounded by lush meadows and all with fantastic views
of the mountain.  
Pasque flower heads
Grove of Patriarchs has huge ancient Western Red
Cedars, Western Hemlocks, and Douglas Firs...  and a
very cool suspension bridge
Alpine Paintbrush
T and I hiked the 3.5 mile Naches Peak Loop
We visited the Reflection Lake and Paradise Area next
We ate dinner at the Mt. Rainier Railroad Dining Car

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Todd is holding T on the bridge
Lupine everywhere!
Bear grass
This is the most glaciated peak in the Lower 48
See the climbers?
Like Mother, like son - he loves maps