Mt. Zirkel Wilderness
July 4-7, 2002
My best friend Andrew and I went hiking up in
the Mt. Zirkel Wilderness Area of northern
Colorado over 4th of July weekend 2002.

We hiked up to Bighorn Lake the first night
from the Lone Pine Creek Trailhead on the
east side of the Parks Range.  The second day
we hiked up to the Continental Divide and we
stayed up there for two nights.  We saw a
huge cinnamon-colored black bear, weathered
out a lightning/hail storm, climbed an unnamed
peak (11,784') where I saw my first sky pilot
flower, and managed to not get bit by too
many mosquitos ;)
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Andrew melts
snow for water
Views of the
Range from
our campsite
Looking back
down the Lone
Pine Creek
towards North
Small unnamed
lake near
Bighorn Lake