Muir Woods and Mt. Tamalpais
March 27, 2008
On Thursday I drove over the Golden Gate Bridge to
Muir Woods where I hiked up the Main Trail to the Ben
Johnson Trail and came back on the Hillside Trail.  There
were a ton of people at the visitor center but once you
hiked about 1/2 mile away there were about 80% less.  
After a mile there were only a few people out an about.  
On the steep Ben Johnson Trail there was hardly a soul!  
And the redwoods and wildflowers were beautiful.
After Muir Woods I drove up to Mt. Tamalpais State
Park and hiked the short but steep hike to East
Peak.  There is a fire lookout on the top that is no
longer manned but the views are outstanding,
especially on a clear sunny spring day :)
Driving back via Hwy 1

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Prosartes smithii, Fairybells above
Two species of trillium, below
Sweet little violet
The view north towards a very blue lake
The view southeast towards San Francisco
The view south