Hike to Newberry Cave

March 19, 2011
Nick and I hiked to Newberry Cave which is on the edge of the Newberry Mountains Wilderness east of Barstow.  This area is not well-traveled and you probably won't find concise directions to the cave on the internet.  But armed with a little bit of research and studying of Google Earth maps, and then with some cross-country hiking and rock scrambling, you, too, may be able to find it. 

This cave was the site of some exciting Native American discoveries - there are some faint pictographs near the entrance and archaeologists found artifacts dating back to 6,000 years ago inside.  Outside there are some fantastic wildflowers blooming right now including carpets of desert gold, desert dandelions, phacelia, heliotrope, ghost flowers, and one of my favorite flowers, desert five spot.  It was a very fun hike :)

Nick found a grainy photo on the internet of the mountainside marked with an arrow pointing to the cave.  Well, we aimed for the arrow and soon found ourselves high on the cliff to the upper left in this photo above.  Then I found myself no longer to safely go higher, so we backtracked down into the canyon bottom and lo and behold there we found the cave.  So the arrow wasn't in the right spot, but it got us close anyway...

  Can you spot Nick in this photo?
Faint green, red, and white pictographs near the cave entrance - the pictographs are unique and the style isn't found elsewhere in California

The Dzrtgrls website has some better photographs along with their interpretations on
their website
Nick at the entrance to the cave, he thought he heard some noises inside so I joked and told him this might be the last photo I ever take of him.  He scowled at me and told me to go first, lol
The cave is not very large but has two entrances that kind of look like eyes to me...
The cave ceiling is black with soot from many ancient fires
Rock Daisy
See the giant chockstone above Nick?  Hope it doesn't come loose :p
Ghost Flower
Desert Five Spot
Old Woman Meteorite at the Desert Discovery Museum in Barstow

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Desert Dandelion and Cryptantha
Nick photographing flowers
More caves
Train in the distance
Caterpillar on Mojave Aster
Desert Gold