North Cascades National Park

Labor Day Weekend 2016
We spent Labor Day Weekend up in North Cascades
National Park and the Okanogan National Forest.  It was
gorgeous!  We hiked the Trail of Cedars and to Rainy Lake.  
T earned his first Junior Ranger badge.  We drove the
extremely harrowing Hart's Pass road, Washington's
highest.  We drove back home via Grand Coulee.  We had a
great trip and I hope you enjoy the pics!
Washington Pass Highway 20, only 5,000' in
elevation but because we're far north it feels and
looks much higher
"Dry Falls is a 3.5 miles long scalloped precipice in central Washington,
on the opposite side of the Upper Grand Coulee from the Columbia
River, and at the head of the Lower Grand Coulee. According to the
current geological model, catastrophic flooding channeled water at 65
miles per hour through the Upper Grand Coulee and over this 400-foot
rock face at the end of the last ice age. It is estimated that the falls
were five times the width of Niagara, with ten times the flow of all the
current rivers in the world combined."

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