May 10, 2017 Carol and her family see a cinnamon colored black bear in a meadow near the Tunnel Log in
Sequoia National Park

October 8, 2016
Carol's son T spots his first black bear!  A beauty who crosses the road in front of us near
Olympic National Park, WA

August 28, 2008 Carol and Cris see a black bear at Bishop Pass, 11,960'.  This is the highest elevation Carol has
ever seen a bear, and it's far above treeline, so the bear surprises her a bit. She starts waving her trekking
poles around and talking to the bear while Cris gets a couple of photos.  It then ambles away through the rocks
and alpine tundra landscape.

August 10, 2007 Carol and Debra go for a dayhike this afternoon from the Forsee Creek Trailhead towards
Johns Meadow in the San Gorgonio Wilderness on the San Bernardino National Forest. We originally wanted to
do a short overnighter but she found out last minute that she had to work tomorrow so we settled for a
dayhike. We didn't quite make it to the meadow but still got in about 7 miles total. Anyway we were headed
back and were within a mile of the trailhead and I was walking in front. We came around a corner and I looked
up and saw a pretty cinnamon-brown bear on the trail heading towards us. I immediately started yelling, "Bear!
Bear!" and backing away. While I was freaking out Debra started going forward and tried to get a look at it
but it had already taken off, it was probably as scared as I was! A few moments later after making a lot of
noise we walked close together continuing up the trail. We never saw it again.

August 10, 2006 A girl that is sleeping next to Carol in Lyell Canyon in Yosemite reports that a bear tugged on
her hat and sniffed her sleeping bag in the middle of the night.  She tells the bear to, "Shoo."  Carol sleeps
through all this and admires the girl for being so calm!  Carol also is happy she chose to sleep in a tent that
night and not out in the open.

August 9, 2006 Carol is camping with a group of 9 other people in Lyell Canyon in Yosemite and she comes
within 10 feet or so of a bear that's sniffing out the bear canisters that the group had.  She screams and the
bear runs away.  

May 28, 2006 Carol and Todd see a black bear cross Hwy 190 in Sequoia National Forest as they're driving
between Cedar Slope and Quaking Aspen.  It's the first bear Todd has seen since he was young.  It's a
medium-sized reddish brown bear.

May 8, 2006 Carol and Rob see 5 bears in the Cades Cove area of Great Smoky Mountains National Park,
including a mother bear with 3 cubs.

September 18, 2004 Carol and Andrew flush out a bear while driving up to Big Meadows in Sequoia National
Forest.  It runs along the road in front of the truck just long enough so they could get a good look at it and
then it takes off into the brush.  

September 21, 2003 Carol drove up to the Black Mountain Grove and then over to the Peyrone Grove.  In the
Peyrone Grove she parks her truck off to the side of the road and walks over to a large sequoia tree.  She
flushes out a black bear, a pure black fellow, and he runs away from her.

July 2003 Carol is awakened in the middle of the night two nights in a row by a bear getting into the neighbor's
trash they've left out.  

June 7, 2003 Carol goes hiking up in Sequoia National Park with a friend and they see a small cinnamon-colored
black bear on the side of the road.  Also nearby are several young mule deer bucks.

May 2003 Carol notices that a log 15 feet from her front door has fresh distinctive bear claw marks in it.  
One night later she awakens in the middle of the night to see a black bear in her front yard.

April 19, 2003 Carol encounters a bear while on a solo camping trip - it steals baby wipes that she left on a log
not 10 feet away from her.  Carol feels bad that the bear probably had one heck of a stomach ache after eating
them!  Or maybe the bear just wanted to clean its paws?

September 2002 Carol, Jeanette, and Shawn are caught in a bear jam in Yellowstone National Park and see a
mother black bear and two cubs.  Too cute!  A week later Carol spotted her first grizzly in the lower 48 near
the east border of Yellowstone National Park on the Shoshone National Forest.  The bear was alongside the
road just on the other side of the guardrail and Carol didn't even have to get out of her truck to get good

July 5, 2002 Carol and Andrew spotted a large cinnamon-colored black bear while backpacking along the
Continental Divide above Bighorn Lake, Mt. Zirkel Wilderness Area, Colorado.  Thankfully the bear saw us and
evidently didn't want to cavort with such smelly hikers so he took off running!

May 2002 While camping with her mom at the Brush Creek Campground on the Medicine Bow National Forest in
Wyoming, mom felt an animal rub up against the tent and her arm.  Was it a bear?  (What else could it be?)  
Carol immediately sat up and did the first thing that came to her mind, make noise.  And what better way to
make noise than by singing the Star Spangled Banner!  Bear is apparently scared off by Carol's horrible singing.

August 28, 2000 While sleeping in the back of her truck at the South Fork Campground in Sequoia National
Park, Carol was awakened by a bear pushing the tailgate on the truck down.  When she hopped into the cab and
turned on the headlights, she saw three bears take off up the hill.  

July 11, 2000 Carol saw two bears in Huckleberry Meadow, Giant Forest, Sequoia National Park.  Thankfully
they were mindin their own business!

July 10, 2000 Carol chased K-95, a rather large black bear weighing in at 495 lbs, out of the Lodgepole
Amphitheater 30 minutes before her evening program.  (But he just wanted to watch the slides and get his
junior ranger badge!)

August 1999 Carol saw a mother and two baby cubs near the Lincoln Tree in Giant Forest, Sequoia National

July 19, 1999 5:15 pm Carol is startled one evening while eating dinner in her cabin by a bear looking in at her.  
She chased it out of the housing area. There were at least half a dozen other chasing sprees that summer.

July 11, 1999 Carol's roommate at Sequoia National Park, Brandy, left their cabin window open and a small
black bear got into our kitchen cupboards and ate pistachios, raisin bran, and teriyaki sauce.  Fortunately
Brandy arrived home before the bear discovered our refrigerator and she scared him out of the cabin and up a
tree.  Bear tech, Jay, then arrived and he pelted the poor little guy with rubber bullets.  He came out of the
tree and got chased away by many crazy rangers.  Later that night the bear returned and tried to get in via
the window that was so conveniently left open earlier!

June 20, 1999 While backpacking with fellow rangers, Lisa Ann and Vera, Carol spotted a large blonde-colored
black bear near Bearpaw Meadow in Sequoia National Park.  (Why did they name it that I wonder?)

August 1998 Carol and Mindi saw five grizzlies in Denali National Park and just miss seeing a black bear near
Portage Glacier.

August 1998 While camping by herself in Yosemite National Park, Carol is awakened in the middle of the night
by a bear sniffing around her tent, rattling the chain on the bear box, and then sitting on the edge of her
Other Bear Encounters
Grizzly in Denali National Park, above
Black bear in Sequoia National Park, below

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