Pear Lake
July 12-13, 1999
This was my first solo trip, and first trip with a real backpacking backpack I might add!  
I hiked up to Pear Lake for just one night.  It's a beautiful lake, basically a big granite
bathtub in the shadow of
Alta Peak.  Along the trail are three other lakes, Heather,
Aster, and Emerald and an amazing viewpoint at a granite spire called the Watchtower.  
The trail is dubbed the Lakes Trail and it begins at Wolverton.  It is about 7 miles up to
Pear with an elevation gain of 2,700 feet.
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Pear Lake Reflection
View from the Watchtower looking northeast across Tokopah
Valley and towards the granite expanse called the
Granite exfoliation at the
Dead Pine along the trail
Emerald Lake
Pear Lake and
Alta Peak