Petrified Forest & Painted Desert

December 1, 2008
Petrified Logs at Blue Mesa
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This is a cool place :)
Petrified wood is beautiful!
Agate Bridge is a petrified log bridge that was once free-standing
Me standing next to "Old Faithful" the largest petrified log in the park
Polished petrified wood in the visitor center
Crocky meets his ancestors!
They weren't very nice!
Old Route 66 runs through the park
It still has a motor inside, does that mean it's driveable?
Well, maybe!
Scenery near Newspaper Rock
Ancient graffiti
The sun, the moon, a guy saying hi, and a two-headed sheep?!?
The beautiful Painted Desert
(ephedra and saltbush growing in the foreground)
The Painted Desert contains the first designated wilderness areas in all the
National Parks - basically all that vast area is roadless, trailless, and
probably most of the time peopleless
So be careful you don't fall down there, there will be no one to help you!