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I use two cameras...  a
Canon SX 20 IS and a
Canon sx700hs

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"A great photograph is a full expression of
what one feels about what is being
photographed in the deepest sense, and is,
thereby, a true expression of what one feels
about life in its entirety."  ~ Ansel Adams

I have been fascinated with photography ever since taking a
class in high school where we learned the art of taking black
and white photos as well as developing them.  In January
1999 I took another photography class and since then I
have worked to further develop my photographic skills.  I
have had photographs published in Backpacker Magazine
Click here), the Southern Sierra Messenger, and the
Bakersfield Californian.  The two photographs that were
published in the Bakersfield Californian were the result of
winning a Hwy 178 photo contest.

My inspiration comes from nature.  I do occasionally take
photos in non-natural settings, but they are far outweighed
by the photographs I take in the great outdoors of
landscapes, trees, flowers, and wildlife.  I always try to be
as true to my subject as possible because I don't think I
need to improve upon nature.  I do not believe in doing a lot
of post-processing to my photographs.  If a photograph
didn't turn out the way I would like it to, I blame it on
myself and don't try to correct it with a computer
program.  And then I vow to go out and try it again ;)

I hope you enjoy perusing my photographs.   These are the
best of the thousands I've taken over the years.   If you
are part of a non-profit organization that would like to
feature one, please contact me for permission - carol at

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