View From Eleven Range Overlook, Sequoia National Park
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Franklin Lake and Florence Peak, Sequoia National Park
Pear Lake, Sequoia National Park
The Sierra
Cathedral Peak Reflection, Yosemite
Cathedral Peak Alpenglow
Cathedral Lake Morning
Lake on the Tablelands, Sequoia National Park
Middle Big Bird Lake, Kings Canyon National Park
Donner Lake, Tahoe National Forest
Sierra Sunrise, near Springville, CA
Sierra Stream, Sequoia National Park
Bridalveil Creek, Yosemite
Half Dome Alpenglow, Yosemite
Lake Kaweah & the Great Western Divide
Mirror Lake, Yosemite
Tunnel View Alpenglow, Yosemite
Yosemite Falls
Palisades Alpenglow
Big Pine Lake #1
Big Pine Lake #5
Mt. Robinson and Two  Eagle
Temple Crag
South Fork Big Pine Creek
Dusy Basin Alpenglow - Agassiz, Winchell,  
Thunderbolt, and North Palisade Peaks
Dusy Basin Alpenglow
Isosceles and Columbine Peaks
Agassiz peak
Dusy Basin Reflection
Garnet Lake
Stars over Muir Lake
Stars over Dead Tree & Cirque Peak
Dead Tree & Jupiter
Moonlit II
Predawn at Muir Lake
Predawn at Muir Lake II
Morning Alpenglow
Alpenglow Panorama at Muir Lake
Alpenglow, Dead Tree, and Jupiter
Marmot near High Lake