Point Lobos

March 25, 2008
On my way up to San Francisco from Big Sur I stopped and hiked
around Point Lobos.  I started on the Carmelo Meadow Trail which
connected with the North Shore Trail.  I also did the Allan Memorial
Grove Trail, Sea Lion Point Trail, Sand Hill Trail, part of the South
Shore Trail, and the Lace Lichen Trail - in short hiking around most
of the point.  I figured in all I did about 5 miles.  At first it was
sunny then later it turned foggy and cool.  Wildlife was abundant
and so were the wildflowers.  What a gorgeous place!
Cool rock layers

Point Lobos 2004
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Sea Lion Point
A very friendly squirrel
Beautiful old Monterey Cypress Trees
Wild lilac, above
Daisy, below
Painted Cup, above
Checker Mallow, below
Death Camas, above
Monkeyflower, below
Cute sea otters :)
Click here to see a short video clip of them!
Cute seals