Puerto Penasco, Mexico
On day fourteen we drove from the Papago Indian Reservation to Organ Pipe Cactus
National Monument.  As we were leaving the reservation, we got pulled over by four tribal
police cars and the officers had their weapons drawn.  They were concerned to see so many
people in the vicinity of I'itoya's Cave, but after they saw that we had permission, they let
us go.  It was an interesting experience, though!

At Organ Pipe Cactus NM we drove along the border with ranger Steve Ganitsch and he told
us the unique problems of a National Park area that includes an international border.  Steve
is always chasing illegal immigrants and has made impressive drug busts.

In the afternoon we crossed the border into Mexico and drove down to the Sea of Cortez.  
We had drinks at Lily's Bar and I volunteered to be the designated driver.  I've never
driven so many drunk people home before!
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