Puma Canyon Ecological Reserve

April 28, 2015
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I follow wildflower reports from February through June every year.
The Theodore Payne Hotline was reporting that the Puma Canyon
Reserve between Phelan and Wrightwood was in full bloom - so off we
went! I'd never been here before, because I'd never heard of it!  
There are several loop trails here with interesting varied terrain.  The
best is that it's close to home and definitely worth a visit in the
spring. This is the transition zone between the San Gabriel Mountains
and the Mojave Desert and features a really nice variety of plants. We
found dozens of flowers in bloom including: Desert sage, tidy tips, sun
cups, desert dandelion, fiddleneck, wooly daisy, phacelia, allium,
Mojave linanthus, three kinds of gilia, desert cryptantha, larkspur,
goldenbush, pincushion, beavertail cactus and one of my favorites -
Desert Mariposa Lilies!