All the questions you've always wanted answered and didn't even know it...

What do lottery and cheese have in common?

What's the most romantic waterfall?

What do ninjas do for fun?

Why do cats like pizza delivery?

Why is hard to be a tree hugger in California?

What does a cat need to go camping?

What do giant sequoias eat when they get hungry?

What's a cat's biggest dream come true?

Why didn't Santa make it to your house last year?

What do you get when you cross a cat with an alien?

What do you get when you cross a cat with a vampire?

Who are the strangest people I've ever worked with?

What color is a wild horse?

Who were the first two people to surf in a meadow?

Who is the smartest marmot?

Where is the coolest treehouse?

Who has the whitest legs?

What is the Nation's Christmas Tree?

Who are the cutest frogs?

Where is the most colorful rock?

What was Carol's easiest job ever?

Where do dinosaurs go to church?

What do you do when you sit on wet grass?

Where is the place that most looks like Candyland?

What is the cutest rock in the world?

What does it feel like to be in the womb?

Where is the eeriest place I've ever been?

How do you make a cat really mad?

Who was the first person to attempt to climb a tree with snowshoes?

Who is the cutest dog in the world?

What is the most dangerous place to picnic?

Where is the coolest spot to go swimming?

Who was the sexiest guy I ever met?

Who were the two cutest girls to ever go fishing?

My sister and I go fishin on the Owen's River, Bishop, CA

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