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Linfield College Professor Dave Taylor on the American West . . .

"How does one reconcile the knowledge that it took the Donner Party five days of hard driving, day and night, to cross the Great Salt Lake Desert in 1842 compared to the two hours it now takes on Interstate 80 scarcely 150 years later?  Both of these journeys, which are separated by a century and a half, occurred on the floor of what, 20,000 years ago, was an enormous inland sea called Lake Bonneville  The most dramatic feature of that ancient sea bed is the Bonneville Salt Flat, which is the vast white, impossibly flat expanse that the Donner Party crossed at walking speed, that thousands of cars cross every day at seventy-five miles per hour, that rocket cars race across at close to the speed of sound, and that the crew of the Enola Gay flew over while training to deliver one of the first atomic bombs to Japan."

"And... if it is possible to discern some order among the occurrences that bring us to this point in history in this place we call the West; what kind of package can one fashion to give structure to that understanding?  How does one begin to craft a framework that draws from so many ostensibly unrelated types of information."
January 4 Maupin, OR
January 5
Duck Creek, OR
January 6
Bruneau, ID
January 7
Bruneau, ID
January 8
Wendover, NV
January 9
Arches National Park, UT
January 10
Arches National Park, UT
January 11
Canyonlands National Park, UT
January 12
Canyonlands National Park, UT
January 13
Canyon de Chelley NM, AZ
January 14
Tuscon, AZ
January 15
Tuscon, AZ
January 16
Papago Indian Reservation, AZ
January 17
Puerto Penasco, Mexico
January 18
Pinacate Reserve, Mexico
January 19
Las Vegas, NV
January 20
Death Valley Junction, CA
January 21
Death Valley National Park, CA
January 22
Death Valley National Park, CA
January 23
Death Valley National Park, CA
January 24
Death Valley National Park, CA
January 25
Las Vegas, NV
January 26
Las Vegas, NV
January 27
Ely, NV
January 28
Ely, NV
January 29
Drove home...
In January of 1999 I took a class at Linfield titled, "Resurveying the American West."  It was classified as a photography class, but I learned a lot about history, geology, archaeology, ecology, the literature of the West, and everything in between.  There were twelve others in the class along with my professor, Dave.  We traveled around in two white vans and car-camped our way across Oregon, Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and California, as well as going down into Mexico to the Sea of Cortez.  A lifetime of amazing experiences and stories and photographs came out of the trip and it inspired me to continue exploring and photographing this place we call the West.
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