A Weekend on the PCT & JMT

August 31-September 3, 2007
Garnet Lake along the JMT
Gladys Lake

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This weekend I joined Hikerduane, Songbyrd (Theresa) and Tom on a 4 day/3 night
trip along the PCT and JMT near Mammoth, CA.  My family lived in Mammoth for a short
time when I was very young and after we moved away we would still come back now and
then to go camping in the area.  Once we even did a long dayhike up to Agnew Lake from
Silver Lake which is about 4.5 miles round trip and 1,000' elevation gain...  which was a
big undertaking for my family way back when.  And four years ago my sister,
brother-in-law, and I dayhiked to Devil's Postpile and Rainbow Falls.  But this was my
first backpack trip in this area and it was long overdue...  what a magnificent area!  It's
a true backpackers' paradise :)

I'd hiked with Hikerduane on many occasions and with Songbyrd once.  It was nice to
meet Tom who proved to be a nice and funny guy.  On Friday after packing up my stuff
I left Rancho Cucamonga for the drive up I-15 then Hwy 395.  It was a pleasant drive
and it took me about 5 hours to get to Mammoth - not too bad!  It would've taken me
longer leaving from my old house in Springville!  And I even had time to stop for lunch in
Lone Pine and to buy a map at the visitor center there.

When I arrived in Mammoth I called Theresa on her cell phone and found out her and
Tom were there but had taken a wrong turn.  In the meantime I found out the last
shuttle had already left from Mammoth so we drove up to Minaret Summit.  Theresa
had gotten bad information from the ranger who issued her the wilderness permit.  He
had said that we could drive down to Red's Meadow and then take the shuttle to
Agnew.  Turns out you can't drive down to the Devils Postpile area at all between the
hours of 7:00 am and 7:30 pm - you have to take the shuttle.  And since we'd missed
the last shuttle we had to wait until 7:30 pm.  But it turned out okay.  In the meantime
Hikerduane showed up and we all watched the sunset from Minaret Summit.  At 7:30
we drove down to Agnew and then started hiking by headlamp north on the PCT up a
series of switchbacks.  It was actually nice hiking in the cool evening air.  A little ways
up the trail Theresa was startled to see a pair of glowing eyes looking up at her from
below the trail and we hoped it was just a deer.  About a mile up we found a flat place
to camp near a creek.  The moon rose shortly afterwards and lit the Ritter Range to
the west ever so slightly and we knew we'd have a great view when we woke up in the
Mammoth Mountain by the last light of day as seen
from Minaret Summit
Looking north from Minaret Summit
Duane and Theresa take a look at the map
The sun sets over the Minarets
Theresa drinks her coffee and enjoys the sunrise
On day two we hiked about 8.5 miles which was a long day for me considering I hadn't
been backpacking for over a year.  But I did pretty well!  I've been dayhiking as much
as possible and walking on the treadmill at night so that helped me.  The views along
this section of the PCT are outstanding!  Looking west across the San Joaquin River
Canyon you get phenomenal views of the Ritter Range and the lakes that lay at their
base.  The next day we would be hiking around those lakes so it was nice to get a
preview of the terrain.  The PCT itself was mostly level in this section with just a
little bit of up and down.  I enjoyed traversing the wide sagebrush, aspen, and pine
covered slopes and we crossed many small bubbling creeks.  Hikerduane and I ate lunch
beside one then shortly afterwards caught up to Theresa and Tom who had hiked
faster than us.  Then we descended slightly into the canyon and then started up to
Thousand Island Lake.  I'd seen many beautiful photos of this lake and was anxious to
see it!

Once we got to Thousand Island we took a break near its shoreline.  It was windy and
here where the PCT and JMT intersect there were lots of hikers.  After our break we
then took the JMT south passing Emerald Lake and finally arriving at Ruby Lake which
would be our campsite that night.  Once we set up camp we all went for a swim in the
cold refreshing water then made dinner.  Theresa, Tom, and Duane then climbed a big
rock near our campsite and then we talked until it was dark and turned in.
Ritter and Banner Peaks
Duane hikes just ahead of me
What a view!  That's Shadow Lake way over there...  
we'd be there tomorrow after circling to the north.
Banner Peak reflected in a small pond right before
1000 Island Lake
1000 Island Lake
Crossing the outlet of the lake
The view of 1000 Island as we hiked above and south of it
Emerald Lake
Ruby Lake
Tom and Theresa take a dip in the cold lake
Tom, Theresa, and Duane climb a big rock near our campsite
Breakfast at Ruby Lake
On day three we hiked about 8 miles.  We first climbed out of the Ruby Lake Basin then
it was down to Garnet Lake, which was I think the most beautiful of the lakes we saw on
this trip.  Then we hiked up and out of Garnet Lake and then made our way down to
Shadow Lake.  This was the lake we had seen the day before from across the canyon.  
We caught up to Theresa and Tom right before the lake and ate lunch next to a roaring
waterfall.  At the lake we met three fishermen, Steve, Bob, and Wayne, who gave us
three trout that they had caught.  Duane carried one in a ziplock bag in his pocket up the
steep switchbacks out of Shadow Lake all the way to Rosalie Lake where we made camp
that night.  I was not looking forward to those switchbacks at the end of the day, all
800 feet of them, but I did okay.  We made it to Rosalie Lake where Tom and Theresa
had already arrived and found us a great campsite with a wonderful lake view.  We once
again went for a swim, then I watched as Tom, Theresa, and Duane cleaned the trout and
cooked them with a cup of noodle soup packet.  I'm not much of a fish person but I tried
a bite (Theresa said it was actually just a nibble) of the fish.  It was okay, I probably
could get used to the flavor.  But it was very cool to eat my first wild-caught Sierra
trout!  I was then greatly amused by the others cooking dinner.  They took turns cooking
over the stove and Tom accidentally spilled his dinner on the ground...  Thank goodness
he'd brought an extra dinner!   I then thought for sure we'd have a bear visit us that
night, fish and spilled food and all, but it was a quiet night.  Until morning when an
obnoxious raven woke us up at sunrise!  I was glad, though, because the sunrise light on
the lake was glorious.
Approaching Garnet Lake
The moon sets over Garnet Lake
Peaceful Shadow Lake
The fishermen who caught our fish
A great spot to eat lunch
Duane with fish in pocket
I was happy to reach the top of the switchbacks
Rosalie Lake
Sunrise at Rosalie Lake - photographed from the inside of my tent
On Day 4 we hiked about 8 miles out to Devils Postpile.  On the way we passed Gladys
Lake, Trinity Lakes, and Johnson Lake.  We made good time as it was mostly downhill.  
Once we got to Devils Postpile we took the shuttle to Red's Meadow where we ate at
the cafe - cheeseburgers, yum!  At the cafe were also 4 hikers whom we'd met back at
1000 Island Lake.  They were all related and were hiking the JMT.  The mother, about
70 years old, had once section hiked the entire PCT.  After lunch we took the shuttle
back up to Agnew and retrieved our vehicles.  Theresa was a little worried about making
it out as her low fuel light had come on driving down to Agnew.  So Duane and I followed
them out and thank goodness we arrived to a gas station in Mammoth just fine.  We said
our goodbyes there and I drove home making it just before it got dark.

It was a great trip!  It was very good to get out and backpacking again.  The weather
was pleasant, the company good, the scenery breathtaking - and no mosquitos!