Colorado Road Trip!
Feb 6-17, 2013
We went on a road trip to Colorado to go to Todd's Grandmother's 100th Birthday
Party :)  So the baby got to meet his Great-Grandma!

It was a rough trip in some respects... because the baby cut his first tooth and also
starting day 3 of the trip he started to have a stuffy nose with coughing - and the
worse was the coughing would sometimes lead to him throwing up  Then I started
getting it on day 4   But we took it easy, stayed in hotels, and took some side trips on
the way home :)


- The baby not only got to meet his Great-Grandmother, but pretty much that whole
side of the family.  4- and 5- generation photos were taken :)

- Got to meet famous BP forum members Mtngrl and Bill Speers, as well as meet up
with Woodswoman again  We had a nice brunch last Sunday.

- Visited 3 National Parks I haven't been to yet - Carlsbad Caverns, Guadalupe
Mountains, and Saguaro.  Loved all three!  Saw a desert tortoise in Saguaro!  Also
visited White Sands National Monument which was also a first time visit.

- Visited 1 National Forest I haven't been to yet - Lincoln - also stopped by Smokey
Bear State Park, where he is buried.  Also really enjoyed the old picturesque Lincoln

- Visited the Three River Petroglyph Site in NM - the face petroglyphs were
especially cool.

- Visited Tombstone, Arizona - that was a lot of fun!  The baby loved all the people
dressed up and horses and wagons.

- Visited the Blythe intaglios - very unique.

- Stayed a couple of nights in Roswell, NM and went to the UFO museum - the truth is
out there...

- Took the baby swimming in a big pool for the first time - actually swam in a couple of
nice indoor heated pools at the hotels we stayed at.

- Experienced 5 earthquakes in a very short period of time while visiting the inlaws in
Cedar City, UT

- Missed our exit once, but visited a neat Mormon Fort that we wouldn't have known
was there otherwise, lol

- Broke in our new vehicle - the week before we left we traded in the Jeep Compass
for a Honda Pilot, so we actually have room for the baby gear and our stuff now!

I've uploaded just a few photos, there are many more on my Flickr album link below!
The way to the bathrooms
One of the giant Blythe geoglyphs

More photos here!

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The underground restaurant
The elevators
Up top again
Guadalupe Mountains National Park
With his young cousins
The Mormon Fort
The Pilot gets a taste of CO
Roswell, NM
Carlsbad Caverns NP
Giant stalagmites 6 stories high!
Lincoln, NM Cemetery
Three Rivers Petroglyph Site
White Sands National Monument
Tombstone, AZ
Saguaro National Park