Carol and Mindi go to Zion,
Bryce, and Lake Powell
At this point in the trail you are at a nice viewpoint, but it's not Angel's Landing.  To get
to the Landing you have to go about a 1/2 more mile up an extremely steep section of trail
where you are basically using your hands as well as your feet to haul yourself up the rock.  
It's also definitely not a trail to go on if you are afraid of heights!  On some of the
sections there is a chain that you can use to help get up the steep slope, but I found the
chain too loose to be of much help.

Upon reaching the top we were in awe of the view!  Because we started in the afternoon
we were the last ones to reach the top and the last ones down.  Besides the drop-dead
amazing view of Zion Canyon and the Great White Throne, we were also delighted by a
cute chipmunk who entertained us for a spell :)  It was especially nice doing such a
rewarding hike on my birthday.
One of the things Mindi and I like to do while we're hiking is make up songs.  One we
crafted atop Angel's Landing was inspired when I dropped my lens cap and it almost went
off the edge.

On top of Angel's Landing
All covered with rock
I lost my poor lens cap
when it fell and went plop

It rolled over the slick rock
and over a bush
and then my poor lens cap
it almost became mush

So when you hike up Angel's Landing
all covered with rock
hold onto your lens cap
because when it falls it might not stop

Yes, I know, it's silly, but we were cracking up nonetheless :)
I picked up Mindi from the Las Vegas Airport on Monday and I first had to take her down
the strip; it was nighttime so she got the full effect.  She and I then drove on to Saint
George, Utah and since it was late we just stayed in a Motel 6 for the night.  In the
morning we drove the 40 odd miles to Zion National Park.  We found a campsite and set up
camp then decided to hike up Angel's Landing.

My, what a challenging but rewarding hike that was!  The elevation change is a bit over
1,000 feet in 2.5 miles.  The first 1/2 mile or so ascends gradually, then there are a set
of switchbacks that go up a hanging valley.  Then the trail levels out for the next 1/2 mile
along a shady creek in a canyon aptly named Refrigerator Canyon.  Then come the Wiggles,
Walter's Wiggles to be exact.  These are short, steep switchbacks that are cut into the
rock and there are 22 of them.  We were breathless when we got to the top of them!
Angel's Landing... the really
steep part of the trail just
follows the ridgeline you see
to the left of the tree!
We made it!
Mindi at the beginning of the
trail up Angel's Landing,
seen at right
360 Degree View from Angel's Landing
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