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Andrew and I in strange
alcoves in the San Rafael
Reef Area of Utah
Andrew and I in Goblin
Valley State Park, UT
Half an arch?  Goblin
Valley State Park, UT
Metamorphic rock in
Kings Canyon, CA
Just one of thousands of
interesting rocks at Vedauwoo,
Medicine Bow NF, WY
I love finding interesting
rocks and rock formations...

Here's just a small
collection of some I've
I think these rocks on
the right kind of looked
like praying hands,
Joshua Tree NP, CA
It's interesting how this
rock split along a
perfectly straight
plane, Yosemite NP, CA
A glacial erratic rock near
Portage Glacier, AK
Another erratic
Acadia NP, ME
An interesting rock
Dome Land Wilderness, CA
Arch framing Mt. Whitney
Alabama Hills, CA
Some funky stacked rocks
on top of Blue Ridge near
Springville, CA
Arch Rock near Big Sur, CA
Grotto Rock
Montana de Oro State Park
Huge slabs of granite above
the hwy, near Ojai, CA
Little sandstone window
near Page, AZ
Striped sandstone near Paria
River, AZ
Hoodoo near Page, AZ
Mindi and a hoodoo at
Kodachrome Basin State
Park, UT
Who spilled the paint?
Zion NP, UT
Big erratic, Little Duane
Sequoia NP, CA
Rocks near the ocean
Point Lobos State Reserve, CA
Rocks near the aptly named
Jumbo Rocks Campground,
Joshua Tree NP, CA
Arch Rock
Joshua Tree NP, CA
Cris tries to push off an
erratic rock, Dusy Basin, Kings
Canyon NP, CA
Tree trunks turned to stone,
Petrified Forest NP, AZ
Todd near Balanced Rock,
Garden of the Gods, CO
Garden of the Gods, CO
Natural rock window framing
Pikes Peak,
Garden of the Gods, CO
Natural rock window framing
the Providence Mountains,
Mojave National Preserve,
Romantic Seeley Creek Falls,
San Bernardino National
Forest, CA
Another arch in the Alabama
Hills, CA
Giant nostril like openings
that open up to Mitchell
Caverns, Providence
Mountains State Recreation
Area, CA
Is it just me or
does it look like
that rock is
about to come
down on top of
my head?!?
Photo taken by
fellow hiker
Norma on a
recent hike in
Mojave National
Preserve, CA
Huge rock being held up by much smaller ones, and me!
Joshua Tree NP
The Eye, Cougar Buttes
and me (7 months pregnant!) and Abbey
Wave cutout
Cougar Buttes
My Dad and Abbey in a little heart-shaped cave
Cougar Buttes