Carpets of Coreopsis

Saddleback Butte State Park
March 14, 2014
This year, despite our drought, the desert is blooming.  Thanks to the
one great big rainstorm that triggered the bloom a few weeks back...  
One such spot is about 40 miles from home, Saddleback Butte State
Park.  I've hiked here twice before,
my husband and I climbed the peak
4 years ago
on a winter's afternoon, and two years ago we took our 6
week old son on an
Easter Sunday jaunt.  On Friday it was just me and
my now 2-year-old son and we only hiked about 2 miles but there was
much to see!  Pretty much the whole park is carpeted in pretty yellow
coreopsis.  Intermingled are some primrose, golden cups, desert
dandelions, fiddleneck, pincushion, and linanthus.  It's quite a sight, and
oh yes, it smelled wonderful too!  We had a lot of fun exploring and had
the place completely to ourselves.
I've been pollinated :p
Mt. Baden-Powell, Mt. Islip, and other
high peaks in the San Gabriels
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