Introducing Sadie (it's about
In early November Todd and I went into Petsmart and were seriously
thinking about adopting a dog.  There were dogs from the Barstow
Humane Society of every shape and size.  But none of them really
grabbed our attention.  By chance I went over to the cats just to say
hello and one of them came right up to me and put her nose up to the
bars of the cage.  I thought she had a dirty nose but the dirt wouldn't
come off!  Then she kept pushing her neck against my fingers, begging
to be scratched more.  Well, she stole my heart, and I looked at Todd
and said, "Dogs are too hard to take care of... want another cat
instead?"  So we took her home and named her Sadie.

She came from a non-profit organization in Apple Valley named
.  She's about a year old and very affectionate.  She wouldn't eat
much at first, but now she is a ravenous pig!  She turns in circles when
she's about to get fed and pushes Sam and Hailey aside in reckless
abandon when the food gets served so we call her the Tazmanian
Devil!  She also likes to steal bread and cheese and anything else we
leave out on the kitchen counters.  Needless to say, our kitchen now is
the cleanest kitchen right after preparing meals :p  She's getting along
pretty well with Sammy and Hailey and loves especially to lay on
Todd's lap in the evenings and on my lap in the mornings :)
Sadie cleans Sammy, Hailey snoozes, and Indie yawns, lol
One big happy cat family :)
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