A Weekend at the Salton Sea

December 29-31, 2012
Last weekend my husband, son, and I headed to the Salton Sea.  We spent New Years
Weekend there 4 years ago and greatly enjoyed it, so we decided to go again.  Plus we
wanted to escape the cold temps up here in the High Desert - down there being below sea
level it was 20 degrees warmer day and night, so up to about 65 during the day and only 45
at night.

On Saturday we packed up the Jeep and I realized I was a bit too optimistic to think that
we could get my kayak on top of it, after having to put a bunch of our camping gear atop it.  
But once we arrived at Mecca Beach Campground, to my great delight I read a notice on a
bulletin board at the campground of a "free kayak tour" :)  I called up the visitor center
and got the last spot!

The Salton Sea is a great place to kayak in the winter.  The views of the snowcapped Santa
Rosa, San Jacinto, and San Gorgonio Mountains are fabulous.  The temps were perfect.  And
the birdlife of course abundant.  We saw white and brown pelicans, Snowy and Great
Egrets, Blue Herons, avocets, gulls, etc.

Hiking along the shoreline is also fun - Little T and I took a hike south towards Corvina
Beach on Sunday evening as the sun set.  On Monday we drove east and then hiked to San
Andreas Palms which is a natural palm oasis along the San Andreas Fault.  We didn't go this
time, but the nearby Mecca Hills are also very fun to explore.

On the way home we stopped by Pioneertown which was a live-in movie set built in the
1940's.  We had fun exploring the old buildings, shops, and talking to the folks that still live
View from our tent
This is the same water trough that my Dad and Abbey sat in last year, lol

More pics here!

2009 Salton Sea Trip

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