Chocolate Lilies!

Santa Rosa Plateau
March 13, 2010
I love chocolate.   I love wildflowers.  If I had to choose one over the other I
don't think I'd be able to.  Fortunately on Saturday I didn't have to choose - I
got both :)

Sonya and I went on a hike on Saturday at the Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological
Reserve.  This was my second visit, January last year was my first and the
first time I went hiking with Sonya.  Since then we've been on many hikes
together, and we've seen many fabulous wildflowers.  But Saturday was extra
special.  We set out to find the reserve's most famous blooms and we found a
ton of them!  The chocolate lilies were at their peak and my were they ever
lovely.   This species
Fritillaria biflora is endemic to California and is an
absolute gem of a flower.

We also saw 15 other wildflower species in bloom - especially profuse were the
shooting stars, ground pink, and Johnny Jumpups.  The weather was fantastic -
mostly sunny but with some big clouds, warm but a cool breeze blowing.  We
hiked about 7-8 miles and along the way we saw some interesting fauna
including caterpillars, hawks, and California newts!
Underneath this oak tree we saw the most chocolate lilies - see
them in the grass?
Blue Dicks
Caterpillar on a Johnny Jumpup
Ground Pink Linanthus dianthiflorus
there were huge carpets of these and goldfields, below
Milk Maids, above
Red Maids, below
Bush Monkeyflower
Shooting Stars
Wild Cucumber
Poppies!  You cannot help but smile when you see these flowers :)
Notice snowy San Gorgonio Peak 11,501' in the background
Nature's sculpture
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