San Bernardino National Forest
The view towards Mt. San Gorgonio from the
Middle Fork Lytle Creek Road

From 2007-2016 we lived 10 minutes away from the San Bernardino National Forest in Southern California.  The San Bernardino National Forest encompasses the easternmost part of the San Gabriel Mountains, the San Bernardino Mountains, and south into the San Jacinto Mountains.  These mountains provide a dramatic backdrop to the cities of San Bernardino, Rancho Cucamonga, Fontana, Redlands, Yucaipa, Palm Springs, Banning, and Hemet.  In fact, the forest contains the highest mountain in Southern California, Mt. San Gorgonio, at 11,499 feet.  It's part of the San Gorgonio Wilderness which is just one of the forest's seven wilderness areas.  The San Bernardino National Forest is also known for its great diversity of landscapes - elevations range from just a few hundred feet to 11,499'.  There are natural occurring desert palm oases and hot springs, rugged canyons including Lytle Creek, Cajon Creek, Mill Creek, Deep Creek, and the Santa Ana River Canyon, several beautiful lakes including Lake Arrowhead and Big Bear, hundreds of miles of trails including 160 miles of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT), and the renowned Big Bear Discovery Center and Children's Forest... altogether there's a lot to see and do! 

We were also close to the Angeles National Forest and many amazing desert parks and wilderness areas like Joshua Tree National Park and Mojave National Preserve.
An old cedar tree near Lake Arrowhead on Hwy 18, the Rim of the World Highway
Lost Lake is a natural oasis near Cajon Pass that not many people know about
The views one sees within 10 miles of where we live, and what I see everyday on my way to work
(Mt. Baldy is the highest peak in the photo at 10,068')
View from nearby Cleghorn Mountain
My mom and I at Lytle Creek
The trail through the native plant garden behind the Lytle Creek Ranger Station
Lytle Creek after a winter's storm
Above Lytle Creek on Penstock Ridge
Above Lytle Creek and Rancho Cucamonga
on San Sevaine Ridge
Sunset one block from our house :)
Bonita Falls, South Fork Lytle Creek Canyon
Jackson Lake near Wrightwood
Supermoon rising above Mt. Baldy, as photographed from Mt. Baden-Powell, with famous "Wally" Limber Pine
More photos!

San Gorgonio Wilderness:
Forsee Creek Trail
   (and a second trip)
Aspen Grove 2007
Aspen Grove 2011
Aspen Grove again 2012
Momyer Creek Trail to Alger Creek
San Bernardino Peak Trail
South Fork Trail to South Fork Meadows
Dry Lake
Fish Creek Trail
Aspen Grove to Fish Creek Headwaters
Mission Creek Preserve

Big Bear Area:
Big Bear Lake Fall 2007
Big Bear Lake Spring 2013
Big Bear Lake Fall 2013
Hanna Flat and Big Bear Lake 2012
Hanna Flat 2013
Hanna Flat 2014
Skyline Drive and Champion Lodgepole Pine Trail
Jenks Lake Trail

Lake Arrowhead Area:
Keller Peak Fire Lookout and the Children's Forest
Children's Forest Exploration Trail
Lake Arrowhead and Strawberry Peak Fire Lookout
Lake Gregory and Dogwood Campground
Lake Gregory Spring 2013
Holcomb Creek & Green Valley Lake
Hwy 173
Seeley Creek "Heart" Falls    (and a second trip)
Miller Canyon

Mentone/Forest Falls Area:

Crafton Hills and Morton Peak Fire Lookout
Crafton Hills and Zanja Peak
Oak Glen & Los Rios Apple Farm
Big Falls near Forest Falls    (and a second trip)

Lytle Creek Area:
Big Leaf Maples
South Fork Lytle Creek
Middle Fork Lytle Creek   (and here as well) (and Middle Fork Waterfalls)
Bonita Falls (and a second trip)
Coldwater and Paiute Canyons
Lytle Creek Wildflowers
December 2008 Snow in Lytle Creek
Fall 2009 in Lytle Creek

Cajon Pass Area:
Baldy Mesa
Cajon Mountain
Cleghorn Mountain

Wrightwood Area:
A Day in Wrightwood
Jackson Lake
Table Mountain - our son's first camping trip
Blue Ridge & Wright Mountain

San Gabriel Mountains:
Mt. Baldy
Icehouse Canyon
San Antonio Falls
Bear Canyon Trail to Bear Flat
Mt. Baden-Powell
Devil's Punchbowl   (and a second trip)
North Etiwanda Preserve
Big Santa Anita Canyon
Chantry Flat to Mt. Zion
Chantry Flat to Hoegees Camp
Mt. Islip
Bridge to Nowhere

San Jacinto Mountains
Idyllwild & Palm Springs Tram
Boulder Basin & Black Mountain Fire Lookout
San Jacinto Peak

Santa Ana Mountains:
El Cariso Nature Trail
San Mateo Canyon Wilderness
Santa Rosa Plateau    (and a second trip)
O'Neill Regional Park

High Desert:
Owl Canyon
Cougar Buttes
Horseman's Center Park
Silver Peak
Saddleback Butte
Newberry Cave
Afton Canyon & Calico Ghost Town
California Poppy Reserve    (and a second trip)   (and a third trip)

Joshua Tree National Park

Mojave National Preserve

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