Today I went to the Annual SCICON Barbeque and Wildflower Festival. SCICON is
Tulare County's Science and Conservation Camp and it lies in the beautiful foothills
only 3 miles northeast of where I live. This is the first time I've gone to this festival
and I was so glad I did. The food and entertainment was great and the wildflowers are
incredible there right now!! California certainly has had an amazing spring for
wildflowers this year and the displays on the SCICON campus are the best that I have
ever seen in the Sierra Nevada foothills! I counted over 40 different species on a
short hike that I did including many I'd never seen before.
SCICON Barbeque and
Wildflower Festival
Baby Blue Eyes Nemophila menziesii
Blue Dicks Dichelostemma capitatum
above and below
Chinese Houses Collinsea heterophylla
above and below
Indian Pink Silene californica
Munz's Iris Iris munzii
Ithuriel's Spear Triteleia laxa
Common Madia Madia elegans
Miner's Lettuce Claytonia perfoliata
Fiesta Flower Pholistoma auritum
Golden Sunburst Pseudobahia heermanii
Clover Trifolium sp. and
Glassy Onion
Allium hyalinum
Above and below
Fairy Lantern Calochorthus amoenus
Above and below
Pretty Face Triteleia ixioides
Above and below
Foothill Poppy Eschscholzia caespitosa
Above and below